The agentctl should provide single universal tool for managing Ligato agents.



  • Provide tool for quick & easy management of agent(s)
  • It should be practical client for users (configuring, control..),
  • It should also be handy utility for developers (debug, profiling, stats..)
  • Automatically provide CLI for any agent => it should work with custom agents
  • Generate config for models using CLI commands => unset fields use default values
  • It should replace old unused tools (which will be later deprecated):
  • agentctl (had good start, but was not finished enough to be useful)
  • vpp-agent-ctl (has hard-coded values, not very used)
  • Show or watch agent status
  • Change agent settings on-the-fly => optionally save them to config file
  • Work with all NB accessors = > gRPC, REST or KV store