This section provides a set of simple tutorials beginning with a “Hello World” plugin. Each highlights a function of the Ligato framework useful in the construction and execution of an application.

The tutorials explain each successive step with code snippets concluding with an executable Go (“go run main.go”) program.

Tutorial Description
Hello World create a plugin printing a “hello world” message to the log
Plugin Dependencies add dependencies to your plugin
REST Handler add a REST API to your plugin
KV Data Store interacting with an external data store (etcd)
KV Scheduler have the KV scheduler work with your plugin
Plugin Lookup how to resolve dependencies between different plugins
VPP Connection Using the GoVPPMux plugin with our plugin to connect to VPP
gRPC Handler use plugins to create a gRPC client

If you are familiar with Go and already have it set up and running on your computer, you can proceed to the tutorial of your choosing.

If you are new to Go and wish to run the Ligato tutorials, you will need to install Go on your computer.

Install Go on your computer#

Refer to Getting Started for download and installation procedures.

Verify it is installed by checking the version

go version

Example output

go version go1.13.6 darwin/amd64


The tutorial code is contained in the examples/tutorials folders of the cn-infra or vpp-agent repositories. You will need to clone these repos and change to the tutorial folder to run the examples. A link to each folder is provided at the top of each tutorial page.