The VPP CLI can be used to verify and troubleshoot VPP configurations. This section describes some of the VPP CLI commands to support that function.


Class VPP CLI terminal console:

    _______    _        _   _____  ___ 
 __/ __/ _ \  (_)__    | | / / _ \/ _ \
 _/ _// // / / / _ \   | |/ / ___/ ___/
 /_/ /____(_)_/\___/   |___/_/  /_/    



show all configured interfaces:

show interface

show interface IP addresses:

show interface address

show connected PCI interfaces:

show PCI

show hardware state:

show hardware

show vxLan tunnel details:

show vxlan tunnel

show bond interface details:

show bond `or` show bond details

Bridge domain:

show list of all configured bridge domains:

show bridge-domain

show details (interfaces, ARP entries, …) for any bridge domain:

show bridge-domain <index> details


show list of all configured FIB entries:

show l2fib


show cross-connect mode:

show mode

ARP and Proxy ARP

show list of all configured ARPs:

show ip arp

L3 route:

show all routes:

show ip fib

show routes from a given VRF table:

show ip fib table <table-ID>

IP scan neighbor

show IP scan neighbor:

show ip scan-neighbor


VPP does not support any CLI commands related to ACLs. In order to retrieve ACL configuration data, use:

  • vat# console and a direct binary API call acl_dump, or
  • call the IP ACL REST API or MACIP ACL REST API from the VPP Agent


show IPSec configuration:

sh ipsec

NAT44 global:

show list of all NAT44 addresses:

show nat44 addresses

show list of all NAT44 interfaces:

show nat44 interfaces

show list of all NAT44 interface addresses:

show nat44 interface address


show static mappings:

show nat44 static mappings

IP Punt Redirect

Show IP punt redirect configuration:

show ip punt redirect